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Register your equipment here
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Designing your security plate:

There is a one off set up charge of 35.00 for design and artwork approval.

Once the customer has submitted a design request this is drawn up into a production agreement which once agreed forms the basis for the finished plate.

The customer bespoke options are:

Metal Plate Colours:

Silver Gold White and many others. White metal or plastic plates are recommended if a barcode is required to ensure it is readable.

Bubble Dome Finish:

Bubble Dome finish is optional on all plates. The bubble dome finish is Automotive grade external self healing if scratched or dented. The extra cost for doming is 50p.

Ink Colours:

All colours are available or for logos if we have the customer's pantone colour we can produce a very close match.


If you attach your best quality logo image when designing your plate we will forward you a complete sample design for your consideration.
Rounded or Square Corners:

Rounded or square corners Is a no cost option on all the plates both metal and plastic.

Numbering sequence:

This is customer selectable: We recommend a three letter prefix followed by a number sequence to ensure that the plates are unique. For example: TLS 00001 for Total Logic Security plates.


Industry standard code 39 on the plates is a non cost option.


Stolen Message:

All security plates all have a Hidden UV Stolen message.

This completes the range of options available to you.

The Total Logic Security plates package includes:

* The TLS security plates either standard or bespoke.
* The Lifetime Worldwide recovery service (No additional fees)
* Universal International Freephone recovery number
* Special Epoxy glue to adhere the unique UV 'STOLEN' recovery message to the casing.
* Postage and delivery

If you would like to design your own plate click here.


Unique Tracking

Each plate has a unique tracking code and our phone number to contact us if equipment is found. We offer a Worldwide lifetime recovery service for all our clients.

Custom Design

Our plates can be customised to incorporate your company's branding and logos. If you would like to see an example design please send a quality logo image to [email protected]

Various Sizes

Our security plates are available in a variety of colours and sizes. Discuss your requirments with us on +44 (0)1279 439900 or click here to see our product range.